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If you’re looking for an e-cigarette with an innovative design and a powerful battery, you may be interested in the Bomb LUX Vape. This device features eighteen e-juice flavors and a draw-activated firing system. It comes with a 6.5 ml pre-filled e-juice tank. The device also has a 1200 mAh battery.

6.5 ml pre-filled e-juice tank

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and stylish disposable vape pen, the Bomb Lux vape pen might be right for you. It’s a compact device that offers great performance, and it comes with 18 different flavors.

Its innovative design, rounded mouthpiece, narrow tip and grill on the face of the device provide an optimal grip. You can use the pen straight out of the box, and the e-juice is easy to refill.

The Bomb LUX vape has a built-in battery and holds 6.5 ml of e-liquid. This is enough to satisfy an average pack-a-day smoker for two weeks. With 5% nicotine, the e-liquid is sufficient for even heavy smokers.

The device also has a removable tank, allowing you to fill it up whenever you like. There are a variety of flavors to choose from, including sweet, salty, fruity and milk-based. All of the e-juices are made with premium ingredients.

The battery lasts for more than a day, making it convenient to carry around. It also comes with a free refill bottle. Moreover, the pod is easy to use, and it produces a reasonable amount of clouds per hit.

1200 mAh battery

Bomb Lux is an innovative disposable vape pen that offers a variety of flavor options. Its 6.5 ml of pre-filled e-juice tank allows it to last the average pack-a-day smoker for a couple of weeks.

It also comes with a scratch-off sticker to help you remember your pod’s unique serial number. The e-liquid itself is one of the best performing e-juices in the market.

Bomb LUX is not the cheapest disposable vape on the market, but it is certainly worth the price. This is a great option for smokers who want a high quality device without having to pay for a premium. In addition, you get a free refill bottle, which is always a bonus.

Bomb LUX is also stylish, which is a nice touch. It features an interestingly shaped grill that provides a good grip. However, its tank isn’t quite as large as you would expect from a top-of-the-line vape.

Bomb LUX has a number of other features, including a built-in battery. Although this doesn’t seem like the best idea, it does provide you with a lot of puffs. Also, it is easy to use, even by beginners.

Eighteen e-juice flavors

Bomb LUX is one of the latest disposable vape pod systems on the market. It is easy to use and offers many flavors. This e-cigarette features a sleek design and a removable tank, which is great for storing e-juice.

The 6.5ml e-juice tank is generous enough to last an average pack-a-day smoker two weeks. However, the best part is that the device also includes a free refill bottle.

The disposable vape pen is a stylish device with a unique grill. This makes for a comfortable grip. Also, the device does not contain buttons and instead uses a draw-activated firing system.

The draw-activated vape has been proven to provide a more satisfying throat hit. It also provides perfect airflow for a more enjoyable experience.

While the 6.5ml e-juice capacity is plenty, Bomb LUX does not have the largest tank of its kind. Nevertheless, the e-liquid has 50mg/ml of nicotine, which is enough for an average pack-a-day smoker to enjoy.

Draw-activated firing system

The Bomb Lux Vape Pen is a simple to use disposable vape pen. It has a solid design and comes in a wide variety of colors. Aside from being an excellent vape, it is also an extremely affordable device.

This compact and stylish device is designed with a draw activated firing mechanism. This allows for a smooth draw and perfect airflow.

The LUX is a compact e-cigarette that has 18 different flavors to choose from. It is also easy to carry and comes with pre-filled pods.

These disposable pods are a good choice for beginners and heavy smokers. They have a unique grill on the outer surface, allowing for a comfortable grip when using them.

This vape pen is equipped with a 1100mAh battery, which is designed to last two weeks. The device is easy to use and features a 6.5ml pod filled with delicious e-juice.

The Bomb LUX is a perfect vape for those who want an affordable, high-quality vape. It is available in various flavors and comes in a box of 10 units.

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